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Telford & Wrekin Accreditation Scheme

Landlord Accreditation

The Telford and Wrekin Landlord Accreditation Scheme awards accreditation to reputable landlords and letting agents who undergo training and comply with our code of conduct. Becoming accredited, along with undertaking eLearning courses, provides landlords with knowledge on key issues and how to implement change when required, ensuring you have the confidence to conduct your business in a professional manner with the support of our knowledgeable team.

To become accredited with us, landlords/letting agents must:

  • agree to comply with a code of conduct (click here for the document)
  • be a fit and proper person
  • pay £100 fee for 12 month membership
  • complete eLearning training or provide evidence of other recognised courses relating to housing

Please note, once you have signed up to our accreditation scheme, and paid the fee, you will receive your log in details as soon as possible for your eLearning portal.  Once you have this detail you must complete the compulsory online training or provide us with evidence of other training you have completed with another approved accreditation scheme within one month of registering. 

Benefits Of Telford and Wrekin Landlord Accreditation Scheme

  • The status of being publicly identified as a good landlord/letting agent.
  • Distancing yourselves from incompetent and 'rogue' landlords.
  • Recognition that you are a good landlord or letting agent and that you provide tenants with a good standard of accommodation and management - this will differentiate you from non-accredited landlords or letting agents.
  • Information on legislative changes and updates on matters affecting you as a landlord or letting agent including a news area for regular updates.
  • A dedicated officer at hand to offer help, advice and support.
  • An on-line portal which provides personal access to your membership details.
  • Tenancy advice which you request through the on-line portal and your enquiries and response are electronically recorded.
  • Document portal with a host of relevant documents for you to access including up to date links to legislation.
  • On-line training on relevant subjects on landlord legislations.
  • Training recording system to allow you to submit additional relevant training you have attended which will be retained as part of your CPD and will be promoted to prospective tenants.
  • 3 free passes per year for Council Recycling Centres.

Please see our benefits page here