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Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions will provide you with some helpful information. If you can't find the answer you are looking for email: Landlord.Accreditation@telford.gov.uk

What is Telford and Wrekin Landlord Accreditation Scheme?

This is scheme run by Telford and Wrekin Council which accredits good landlords and letting agents.  The scheme is run to recognise landlords and letting agents which offer good quality housing and have suitable management arrangements in place.

How do I join?

Simply fill in the application form online link here, agree to abide by the code of conduct,  pay £100 fee, complete compulsory training or provide evidence if already undertaken for us to review and verify.

What's in it for me?

Landlords and Letting Agents receive many different benefits from being a member of the scheme including:

  • The status of being publicly identified as a good landlord/letting agent.
  • Distancing yourselves from incompetent and 'rogue' landlords.
  • Recognition that you provide tenants with a good standard of accommodation and management - this will differentiate you from non-accredited landlords or letting agents.
  • Information on legislative changes and updates on matters affecting you as a landlord or letting agent including a news area for regular updates.
  • A dedicated officer at hand to offer help, advice and support.
  • An on-line portal which provides personal access to your membership details.
  • Tenancy advice which you request through the on-line portal and your enquiries and response are electronically recorded.
  • Document portal with a host of relevant documents for you to access including up to date links to legislation.
  • On-line training on relevant subjects on landlord legislations.
  • Training recording system to allow you to submit additional relevant training you have attended which will be retained as part of your CPD points and will be promoted to prospective tenants.
  • 3 free passes per year for Council Recycling Centres.

Tenants can benefit from:

  • Getting tenancy support
  • Viewing certificates associated with the property you rent
  • Knowing your landlord is accredited

Who can become accredited?

Any landlord or letting agent who meets the following:

  • Meet the fit and proper person criteria (see section 14 of the Code of Conduct)
  • The Landlord or Letting Agency does not have a history of non-compliance in relation to property condition or management standards.  This will include the service of statutory enforcement notice (or prosecution) or penalty notices in a period of 12 months prior to the application of accreditation being received.
  • The Landlord or Agency has not been refused a HMO licence or their licence has been revoked.
  • You have not already been suspended from the scheme.

What is a "fit and proper" person?

A person who has not committed any offences, or been subject to any proceedings brought by either a Local Authority or other body with regards to the Housing Act and other Housing legislation. This also includes any enforcement action taken with regards to HMOs. In addition any convictions relating to fraud, dishonesty, discrimination, drugs or sexual offences will also disqualify an applicant. We ask for disclosure from potential members to ensure that we safe-guard tenants from potentially criminal or bad practices. We also require members to have fully cooperated with the Telford and Wrekin Housing Sector in any previous communications.

If as a potential member you have had any convictions relating to the above but would still like to be considered please contact the team by emailing Landlord.Accreditation@telford.gov.uk or by phone on 01952 388117 and we can discuss the suitability of the scheme with you.

We do have the right to refuse a potential member if we do not feel that they are a suitable candidate for accreditation based on previous involvements, and other matters. 

What is the code of conduct?

The code requires landlords and letting agents to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and respond promptly to all issues raised by tenants. For further information please read the Code of Conduct.

Who are Rental Step

Rental Step are a partner company who are providing a service for Landlords and Tenants. This service will include, a reporting tool, tenant passport and landlord portal. Landlords click here to register.  

What is a tenant passport

As a private tenant you can sign up for a free TenantPassport with our partner company RentalStep. Your unique TenantPassport is a comprehensive and verified account of your rental history that you can share with any landlord or agent. You can create your own profile with a short bio about yourself and upload a profile photo. On your TenantPassport you can add details of your tenancy, employment and landlord details which will be sent by RentalStep to your landlord for a reference. Just by paying your rent on time can increase your Experian credit score so you can build a credit history without taking on any additional debt. You are able to update your TenantPassport at any time and it will only be shared with people of your choice. Please follow this link to sign up for your free passport.

As a landlord, do I need to register on RentalStep

Simple answer is yes because this will allow your tenant to report repairs and issues via the RentalStep reporting tool. Also by registering will allow you to verify tenants rent payments to increase their Experian Credit score along with other benefits. Landlords can sign up here.  

Why should I use an accredited landlord?

All Landlords or letting agents which are members of the scheme have agreed to abide by the code of conduct and are a fit and proper. The scheme requires members to act reasonably and responsibly towards tenants to ensure that the properties are in a good standard and are well maintained. All properties which are advertised on the site have been (or will be) inspected by an officer to ensure they are suitable and to the accredited standard and all relevant safety paperwork (Gas Safety Certificates, etc) have been received.


What if I have a repair or issue I need to raise with my landlord/ letting agent?

If you have a repair or issue with your landlord/letting agent you should first contact your landlord (which can be logged via our Reporting Tool via our partner site Rental Step - follow link here

This will keep a log of your requests and the timescales for the landlords response time. The landlord/letting agent will be asked to contact you with regards to your issue.

If no action has been taken by your landlord/letting agent within a reasonable time frame we will then be notified of no action taken. If your landlord/letting agent is accredited with Telford & Wrekin, we would act as the mediator to find out more information and attempt to get the issue resolved. If they are not an accredited landlord/letting agent then please see our Public Protection (Environmental Health, Licensing and Trading Standards) information here and fill in their online form here.

Telford and Wrekin Council expects landlords to deal with complaints promptly and be proactive with their response. Failure to cooperate with the Local Authority could result in the landlord being removed from the scheme and possible enforcement action.

Why do I have to do Continue Professional Development (CPD)?

The scheme supports and promotes accredited landlords/letting agents to continue their professional development to allow them to operate their letting businesses more successfully, provide tenants with the safest and highest quality accommodation and reduce the requirement for local authority involvement.

This allows members to broaden their knowledge and skill set and become professionals in their area, we believe that knowledge is the key! We require all members to undertake certain mandatory modules or evidence of similar training taken elsewhere (which will need to be submitted and reviewed by us) to gain CPD points.

Do I have to do a minimum of CPD requirement?

There are no minimum requirements to complete CPD points, however we would always encourage landlords/letting agents to continue learning to improve knowledge and practices within the sector.  We will advertise to prospective tenants those landlords who have carried out additional training.