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Tenant Passport

Introduction to RentalStep

If you rent from a private landlord then you can sign up for you free TenantPassport today here provided via our partner company RentalStep. TenantPassports show your landlord or prospective landlord who you are and speed up the renting process. This passport gives you an easy to read document to show your prospective landlords.

Communicate Better

The secure messaging system ensures you and your landlord are kept updated with all communications stored in one place.

Plus… You get a boost to your Credit Score with paying your rent on time


Build Your Credit History

All your rental payments are recorded and your landlord or agent verify these payments. RentalStep report this into Experian’s Rental Exchange and your credit file gets a boost.

Just by paying your rent, you can build your credit history.

Your Tenant Passport

Your unique tenant passport is a comprehensive, verified account of your rental history that you can share with any landlord or agent.

Introduce Yourself

Create a short bio about yourself and add a profile photo. Then add details of your tenancy, employment and landlord details – RentalStep will then ask your landlord for references on your behalf.

Share with any Landlord

When you’re looking for your next place, you can share your TenantPassport with any landlord. Your passport goes wherever you go.

You’re in Charge

Feel free to update your TenantPassport anytime. Only people you share your passport with will be able to see it.

Log household repairs and issues via the online reporting tool 

If you have a repair or issue within your rented property you can log this issue via our Reporting ToolYou will need to register first but this will keep a log of your requests and the timescales for the landlords response time. The landlord/letting agent will be asked to contact you with regards to your issue.

Sign up for your TenantPassport

Please click here to register for your free TenantPassport.