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Information for Tenants & Useful Links

Tenant Information

Is your landlord or letting agent accredited with Telford & Wrekin Council?

If you are renting a property from a landlord or letting agent you can check on our website here to see if they are accredited.  Any landlord or letting agent accredited by us have signed a code of conduct and have declared that they are a Fit and Proper person.  The scheme requires members to act reasonably and responsibly towards tenants to ensure that the properties are of a good standard and well maintained.  If your landlord or letting agent is not on the list, give them a call and ask if they would join.  A copy of the code of conduct can be found here.

If your landlord or letting agent is accredited with us but you feel they are not living up to the code of conduct please contact us and we will look into the matter further.


Tenant Passport 

As a private tenant you can sign up for a free TenantPassport with our partner company RentalStep. Your unique TenantPassport is a comprehensive and verified account of your rental history that you can share with any landlord or agent. You can create your own profile with a short bio about yourself and upload a profile photo. On your TenantPassport you can add details of your tenancy, employment and landlord details which will be sent by RentalStep to your landlord for a reference. Just by paying your rent on time can increase your Experian credit score so you can build a credit history without taking on any additional debt. You are able to update your TenantPassport at any time and it will only be shared with people of your choice. Please click here to sign up for your free passport


Report a Repair or Issue

If you have a repair or an issue you would like to raise we now have a new on-line repair reporting tool via our partner company RentalStep. You can register the repair via the on-line reporting tool here this will notify your landlord directly for you and will record these conversations for you to refer back to later. This enables you to log the issue safe in the knowledge that all correspondence between you and your landlord has been recorded. To log your repair or issue with your landlord click here. If the repair is urgent, life threatening or hazardous to health  then you can log your repair through environmental health here.


Tenant Checklist 

Please follow the link here if you are a tenant and make use of our helpful tenant guide